Archiradi is one of the 18 Rahasyas of Pillai Lokacharya that was written to expound the doctrine of the three verities (Tattva Traya). This work is organized into four cantos (prakaranas). The first canto describes the remorseless material existence the individual souls lead in this world of bondage, followed by the onset of interest in… Read More Archiradi

Sri Vachana Bhushanam

Srivachanabhushanam or the compilation of jewels of rare excellence has been termed as a ‘Maha Shastra’ by the followers of Srivaishnava Sampradhayam. Its contents are so impregnated with deep philosophical insights that Manavala Mamunigal, a successor to Lokacharya, termed it nigh impossible to comprehensively understand the work’s prescriptions and put them to practice. Srivachanabhushanam contains… Read More Sri Vachana Bhushanam

Saara Sangraham

Sara Sangraham forms the eighth work among Pillai Lokacharya’s Ashtadasa Rahasya (18 Secrets). This work belongs to the category of works that were written to expound the meanings of the three secret doctrines (Rahasya Traya). In this work, the author demonstrates that the whole of the Tiruvaimoli divya prabandha embodies the inner meanings of the dvaya mantra. The dvaya mantra is… Read More Saara Sangraham


Navaratnamalai is an instructional work, comprising one of the eighteen works of Pillai Lokacharya’s Ashtadasa Rahasyas (18 Rahasyas). This work comes under the category of works written by the author to expound the essence of Srivaishnava Sampradhaya (the others being Srivachanabhushanam, Navavividha Sambandham, Prapanna Paritranam and Samsara Samrajyam). This work describes how spiritual seekers have to calibrate their understanding of… Read More Navarathinamaalai